Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Protect our Children from Sex Offenders/Predators

Hello my name is Judy Cornett, I am a mother of a child who was brutally raped and left for dead by a sex offender, Kevin Kinder. This offense happed in October 1992. I have been on an interesting educational journey, and I am still learning. I have discovered that in the State of Florida we have darn good laws...ones that will put sex offenders/predators away! The down side of it is, we have a judicial system that is too liberal and wants to be forgiving of these evil creatures at the expense of our innocent children.
I have become an active advocate in this arena. My organization has organized protests and held awareness rallies for the safety of our babies. I am on a personal mission to be available to those in need of support and advice. Our team is proud to say, "We are committed". Our professionals work diligently together utilizing their individual expertise to build a solid and sound solution to all tasks.
I have become a professional in the sex offender arena. Our team is familiar with the laws in Florida and aware of those needing changes.
Sex Crimes against children is ZERO TOLERANCE, offenders need no mercy....Death is the only resolution....Prison??? Our tax dollars...I can think of better ways to spend our money...what about death for the predators and put the money that would of been used supporting these sickos and rehabilitate the survivors...
I have been invited to be on National TV programs such as Oprah, Leeza, ABC 20/20, Geraldo, Fox News, CNN, Fugi TV (Japan) and Montel, I have used these opportunities to educate and inform parents and the public at large of what precautions they can take to safeguard their children. We can never have enough education. Let's all pitch in, we need your help!!! Stay alert, it's not being noisy, it's being concerned!!!
We can no longer allow system glitches or failures, loss of innocent lives or tortured souls. We place children and a productive life as a priority. Innocence is precious & sacred; it must be protected at all costs. It's time to be PROACTIVE, NO MORE REACTION TO REACTIVE!! When is ENOUGH ENOUGH?
Thanks for your support!!
As Always,
Judy Cornett

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