Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Protect our Children from Sex Offenders/Predators

Hello my name is Judy Cornett, I am a mother of a child who was brutally raped and left for dead by a sex offender, Kevin Kinder. This offense happed in October 1992. I have been on an interesting educational journey, and I am still learning. I have discovered that in the State of Florida we have darn good laws...ones that will put sex offenders/predators away! The down side of it is, we have a judicial system that is too liberal and wants to be forgiving of these evil creatures at the expense of our innocent children.
I have become an active advocate in this arena. My organization has organized protests and held awareness rallies for the safety of our babies. I am on a personal mission to be available to those in need of support and advice. Our team is proud to say, "We are committed". Our professionals work diligently together utilizing their individual expertise to build a solid and sound solution to all tasks.
I have become a professional in the sex offender arena. Our team is familiar with the laws in Florida and aware of those needing changes.
Sex Crimes against children is ZERO TOLERANCE, offenders need no mercy....Death is the only resolution....Prison??? Our tax dollars...I can think of better ways to spend our money...what about death for the predators and put the money that would of been used supporting these sickos and rehabilitate the survivors...
I have been invited to be on National TV programs such as Oprah, Leeza, ABC 20/20, Geraldo, Fox News, CNN, Fugi TV (Japan) and Montel, I have used these opportunities to educate and inform parents and the public at large of what precautions they can take to safeguard their children. We can never have enough education. Let's all pitch in, we need your help!!! Stay alert, it's not being noisy, it's being concerned!!!
We can no longer allow system glitches or failures, loss of innocent lives or tortured souls. We place children and a productive life as a priority. Innocence is precious & sacred; it must be protected at all costs. It's time to be PROACTIVE, NO MORE REACTION TO REACTIVE!! When is ENOUGH ENOUGH?
Thanks for your support!!
As Always,
Judy Cornett

Safety Zone Advocacy, Inc.
Nonprofit Organization
"Education on Safety, Prevention & Intervention"
P.O. Box 151405
Tampa, Florida 33684
(813) 695-1739


At 9:21 PM, Blogger violator said...

Sex Offenders who are on probation in Florida do not have stipulations prohibiting contact with children. Judges must treat these guys just like regular sex offenders, duh, because they are perverts. Legislators need to know the loopholes and get these Judges to order sex offender conditions so the Probation Officers can violate these guys that are grooming our children.

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At 6:00 PM, Blogger Alan said...

Hi, I just saw you on O'Reilly and YOU ARE the greatest! If only we had a few more citizen activists like you our children might be a lot safer. Thank you so much for all your hard work.

At 6:14 PM, Blogger angelwingzNY said...

I too saw you on O'Reilly. I think you are a true hero. My niece was molested by her father who spent about one night in jail. I would like to continue your fine work here in Upstate New York. Please let me know how to get started. I am a single mother, disabled, with two children ages 21 and 22. I have the time, the smarts, and the drive to track down child molesters and alert the public. Can you give me some tips. My email is pcorwin46@hotmail.com. Thank you for your courage!

At 9:06 PM, Blogger Grace1986 said...

I saw you on O'Reilly too and I appreciate your cause. I believe sex offenders should be locked up and they should throw away the key. Why is it that we can spend money on "gay awareness" classes in schools to teach kids to be "tollerant" to homosexuals, but we can't offer a safety awareness class to help childeren fight off potential offenders?
I am so sorry to hear what happened to your son. I have 2 young children myself and pray God's protection over them daily. But what are parents to do?
Please, keep up the good work that you do!

At 12:44 AM, Blogger Anne Fanny said...

I am from Tampa bay and I have two boys myself. I want you to know that I support your cause and believe in what you are doing. Rehabilitation is a joke! If you ask any thinking parent weather they would rather live next to a drug user or a child rapist, I am sure they would choose the drug user. So let’s empty out some of those prison cells and lock up to truly dangerous criminals. I am currently living in Palo Alto California and working on my masters at Stanford while my husband finishes his PHD. I would love to get some information about what I can do to farther your efforts in this area. I will keep you in my prays.

At 8:20 AM, Blogger cytome said...

when I hear kinder talk about how YOU are ruining HIS life it is obvious he takes no responsibility for his own fate...he says he just wants to live a normal life...perhaps his victims wanted a normal life as well. he is a PIG! may he live a long miserable retched life.

At 8:22 AM, Blogger cytome said...

kinder says he just wants to live a normal life...I am sure his victims want the same thing for themselves. he is a PIG! may he rot.

At 8:23 AM, Blogger cytome said...

sorry I posted twice...

At 1:53 PM, Blogger Mo Udall said...

so...do you hound drunk drivers the same way? According to MADD, 865 people were KILLED by drunk drivers in Florida in 2004 alone. How many of them were children? How many children are now surviors and damaged by drunk drivers? Do you monitor all of them? Do you know how many live near a school? You need professional help lady.

At 3:18 PM, Blogger Dave said...

I agree that people who rape children need to be punished severly. However I must say that people that are caught peeing behind a tree should not. Sadly, everyone is lumped together on the sex offender list and there is really no way to see who is bad and who is harmless. I believe the department of justice number is 3.5 of all sex offenders actually commit another sex crime. This is lower than most criminals but the nature of the crime makes people nervous. All I have to say is 90% of victims know their assailiants very well and very rarely is their aggressor a stranger. Why is the government focusing on sex offenders rather than educating parents to that fact? It's unwise to say going after offenders will make kids safer. This is simply not true. Watching your kids will make them safer. I appreciate the work you are trying to do but if you would do some research and work on not "ranting" on and on you would have more credibility.

At 9:27 AM, Blogger Betty Price said...

Sex Offender - What do you think when you see these words?
Most people think - Child Molester, then they think Rapist or Serial Rapist. This is not the truth though. The truth is a sex offender can be someone who was 18 with a 16 year old girlfriend, someone who took a leak behind a tree or dumpster, there is even one that took a leak off his patio at his own home at midnight, not knowing there was a 9 year old child next door outside. A child walking in on a parent using the bathroom or just getting out of the shower can become a sex offender, because the parent forgot to lock the bathroom door. In Wisconsin, if there are two teens under the age of consent they are convicted of sexual assault against each other. Therefore, they are both the offender and the victim. Generally, they get probation, but if their is a child born to this young couple, which has happened, the Mother can be around it but the Father can't. There are also children on the registries as young as 6 for sodomy. These children had to see this somewhere. This is what we used to call child exploration. That was before this country decided to become insane and puritanical. There are also thousands on the Registries who are innocent. This was told to me by an Attorney. They take the plea because they are convinced by their Attorney, usually a public defender, it would be best for their child not to have to get on the stand. I can just imagine the high five the Prosecutor and the Public Defender give each other after the deal is done and the court room cleared! By the way, originally incest was not to be added to the Registries because they already knew the recidivism rate for incest was less than one percent.

The original intent of Megans Law and the Jacob Wetterling Act were to Register the Sexually Violent Predators and only be a list to the Law Enforcement Agencies. The reknowned therapists, Dr. Fred Berlin, Judith Levine, Jill Levenson and Robert Longo agree that the Registries are not needed in the manner they are being done. They also all agree that the Sex Offender Treatment Therapy does work.

The most important thing for a sex offender to not re offend is support. We are not giving support, we are condemning them as a Nation. This is WRONG. We used to think that Alcoholics were the worst of the worst, so there were AA groups set up for them. There should also be support groups set up for Sex Offenders. In some areas there are. Another excellent approach, to enable the victim to heal and become a productive member of society as well is Offender/Victim therapies. It is being done in a couple of places and there is a lot of success with it.

Our Government needs to spend more money on things like this rather than on a registry that does nothing. I ask you, Did the registry save that 4 year old little girl last week that was taken from her 19 year old Aunts arms and the man took off with her? No, it did not. He came from another town and did this.

The people are allowing the Government to waste billions of dollars on something that has continually proven not to work. They introduced Megans Law and the Jacob Wetterling Act around the same time. Then the Federal Government said, "Hey, if you make these lists available to the public and the more you put on the list, the more money you will get. There are billions of dollars wasted in this manner every year through the Byrnne Fund and another Grant through the Public Safety Dept. Do you enjoy your tax dollars going down the drain, or would you rather have a solution that works?

Another thing that needs to be done is parental counselling and education. Parents need to learn to supervise their children. Parents also need to learn to watch for danger signs from a relative, friend, teacher, preacher, coach, scout leader, etc that they may be a person to sexually offend. These things can be taught. Start asking for your Tax Dollars to be used wisely!!

At 9:11 PM, Blogger Tabitha said...

Why am i being told that my child has to be raped to not have to be sent to a father/grandfather who has touched her, and has made her watch porn while they masterbate? I'm so upset with the system i can't stand it!

At 7:07 AM, Blogger karenkat said...


At 7:13 AM, Blogger karenkat said...

Hi Judy, i hope you get to read this, I saw the story of your son on 20/20 WE, and I was shocked!!!I could barely believe what I was seeing. I am SO proud of you and wanted to send my heartfelt wishes for you and your son, Good for you and all you have done!!!I hope He is doing better, it said he had started a business! Sexual offenders more than not cannot be rehabed. They will reoffend!! When people realize this things will get better. i could NOT believe Kinder was placed in the same cell!My jaw hit the floor!!!!!! Keep up the good work, tell your wonderfull boy to keep his chin up and stay positive!! We all are rooting for him!! karen. jacekaren @msn.com

At 7:18 AM, Blogger karenkat said...

to GRACE1986, for your info the MAJORITY of sex offenders ARE NOT HOMOSEXUAL!!!!!!!!!You are horribly misinformed. Most predators are white straight men. Most have been molested themselves, they prey on young boys to harm them, to control them to abuse them, but their every day sexual preference is heterosexual, they are married usually w/ kids. You are blatenly incorrect, I have rarely seen a gay sexual predator.Child rape is NOT about sex in a romantic sense, its a much much deeper pathological issue that you do not seem to get. We need to educate our children to be tolerant of ALL people that are good human beings, Straight or gay. Sexual predator is a different animal altogether. Hope you wise up. God bless

At 1:12 AM, Blogger Jackie said...

Hey Ms Judy.
My sister and I were with you the day we protested at his mothers house. I think of you often. I have two boys now and I can not imagine the pain, but the one comment that stuck with me through these years was "we got a life sentence, why shouldn't he"
You are a God send to many who have no voice.
Thank you!!!!!
Jackie Smith

At 1:18 AM, Blogger Jackie said...

Mo Udall said...
so...do you hound drunk drivers the same way?




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